CASA Car Parade Reaches National Attention

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It All Started When…

Since April 10th Clark County CASA has been parading by foster homes.  Our goal?  To connect with the children we represent in court. COVID-19 and stay-home orders had prevented us from engaging in our typically monthly visits with these children. We knew that children were already experiencing such a trying time in being removed from their homes and now separated from their peers at school.  Both our staff and volunteers wanted to do something to ensure the kids knew we were there and cared. Inspired by news accounts of teachers driving by their student’s homes our Program Specialist, Laura suggested we create our own parade. Hence, the CASA Car Parade was born!

Then Things Took Off!

We’ve been on five parades all over Clark County and the momentum hasn’t stopped. In fact, it captured the attention of our local news outlets – KOIN 6, KPTV and FOX 12! After sending out local reporters to get a glimpse at what we initiated they elected to interview some of our staff and volunteers. One volunteer summed it up perfectly saying, “It gives them something to break up their day and feel a little special; here’s a parade just for them. It’s a brief light in the day. A good morale booster for the kids, the families, and for us.” We were then excited to see it featured on the National circuit at MSNBC!


From there we captured the attention of our National CASA organization and were featured as a Network Spotlight. With over 950 CASA programs they were inspired by the creative way our local program had been connecting with kids. Of course we were excited by the opportunity to reach a larger audience.  The extended reach brings awareness to our mission to provide quality advocacy in the best interest of each child. Yet the biggest triumph in all of this is not the recognition but the smiles we see on the kids’ faces.  Everyone feels the happiness as we honk, cheer and wave going by.  In a time that can feel overwhelmingly dark, we are proud to share some light.