CASA Volunteer Spotlight

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Ruth Hoard has been a CASA volunteer for two years, and currently serves as the volunteer advocate for 6 children. We are so proud of the work Ruth does to support children in our community.  Read on to hear about Ruth’s experience with the CASA program.

When I was working full-time in the Early Childhood field, I was interested in becoming a CASA but due to time constraints could not do the training or devote enough hours to volunteer. I retired in 2013 and soon discovered I missed working with children and families. I saw the CASA information in the newspaper and filled out an application, was interviewed and selected, completed training and have been a CASA for two years.

I feel my 40 years of experience working with children, their families and caregivers has given me so much knowledge and experience about child development and best practices. I wanted to share that information with our CASA families and children. I am also a great listener and find that sometimes parents and caregivers just need someone to listen to them.

Being a CASA volunteer is not an easy role to take on but it is one of the most rewarding. Standing in court and being a part of a “dismissal” and a child returning home is a proud highly emotional moment. The look on the parents’ face(s) is one of pure joy and pride!

If you are thinking of becoming a CASA volunteer, learn all you can about the program from the YWCA website and the National CASA site. Ask questions. Once you are accepted, you are fully supported from that point on. There is a highly qualified team of Program Specialists and other CASAs that want you to be successful. I have never felt unsupported or alone.