Meet A CASA Introduces Carla!

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Have you considered volunteering but weren’t sure how you would juggle it along with other obligations? This CASA volunteer has relied on the support of her program specialist to ensure she has a positive volunteer experience that doesn’t impact her ability to work full-time OR train for Hood to Coast Relays!

We’re excited for you to meet Carla!

Carla’s choice to become a CASA volunteer started with her desire to positively give back to her Southwest Washington community. She believes that the more you invest in a community the more it gives back and we couldn’t agree more.

This busy woman holds a full-time position outside of the YWCA so she acknowledges that time is always limited. Yet the flexibility of the staff and the volunteer opportunity itself allows her to feel successful in supporting the CASA program despite a varying work schedule. She also feels supported by the many opportunities for continued learning beyond the thorough on-boarding process. She shares that despite being limited by the hours she has available, “knowing that I’m helping these kids have a voice in a system where they can often feel voiceless means a lot to me.”

As a native Spanish speaker, Carla is also in a position to help families that may not speak English as a first language. This speaks to Carla’s commitment to not only advocate for the child but also being a part of strengthening the family’s ability to care for and protect their children. Given that June is Reunification Month we’re thrilled to see how Carla embodies the goal to reunite children with their family of origin. This is especially significant given that children in the Hispanic community are disproportionately represented in Clark County’s foster care system.

Carla acknowledges that, “being a CASA isn’t always easy, but it is definitely a rewarding role to be in.”

If you’re ready to find fulfillment as a CASA volunteer we invite you to join us Saturday June 27th at 6:00pm, for our next virtual Informational Session. You are also welcome to contact our Volunteer Specialist, Cheryl White, at