Meet A CASA: Tom Paulu

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Do you sometimes wonder what inspires individuals to get involved as a CASA Volunteer? We are featuring an interview with one of our volunteers each month so you can get to know them a bit, and find out why someone decides to give their time to this unique volunteer opportunity.

May we introduce you to Tom Paulu.

Tom decided to get involved as a CASA after hearing about the program. He saw how his background in newspaper reporting could be used to help children. He found that providing emotional support to foster and biological parents, while making a difference in the lives of children are the most rewarding parts of volunteering. If you have concerns about receiving adequate training, Tom’s wants you to know that the training is very good. He told us he has always been able to connect with someone to get his questions answered. When asked about his best experience as a CASA, Tom says, “My one best experience was suggesting to a social worker that a family relative would be a good placement, which I think helped get that done.”

Fun Fact:

“Several years after my “retirement,” I now work part-time tutoring in high schools.”

Clearly Tom has a passion to work with kids in need of support. Are you looking for a way to make a difference? Do you want to help change a child’s story? Becoming a CASA volunteer like Tom may be the perfect fit for you!

We invite you to join us Tuesday, March 10, at 6 PM,in the Community Room at YWCA Clark County for our next Informational Session. You are also welcome to contact our Volunteer Specialist, Katie Benzel, at