Meet An Everyday Hero, Yolanda

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“Checking in with the kids I advocate for is always a bright spot in my day.”

Even after three years as a CASA volunteer, Yolanda continues to be inspired by the foster youth she works with. She describes their resiliency and enthusiasm for life as simply – amazing.  The relationship that she provides them as a safe and supportive adult in an otherwise tumultuous time in their lives is a big factor in building that sense of resiliency. As their CASA, she can be the one consistent adult presence in a child’s life.

So what drew her in to the role in the first place? She learned of the desperate need for volunteers and felt that it was such a great way to positively impact her community and more specifically a vulnerable child’s life. The work of researching and advocating to ensure the kids needs and concerns are met is what she attributes as her greatest contribution to the program. All of this is done with a sensitivity to the unique challenges and perspectives of the child she’s advocating for.

You get to make a positive difference, AND you get the joy of getting to know some amazing kids and families. – Yolanda M.

As all of our volunteers, Yolanda agreed to commit to two years with our program to ensure a level on consistency for the child(ren) she works with. Yet a year and half beyond her two years she continues to show up and do the work. Why? In part because of the support that our program offers. She explains that plenty of ongoing training and excellent mentoring and finds that her staff supervisor is always available and and responsive to questions she may have.  She also enthusiastically encourages others to take part in the work saying, “Do it!”

If you’re as motivated by Yolanda as we are consider joining us for a virtual information session to learn more. Schedules and registration links are available here. You can also contact our Volunteer Recruiter, Gwen Anderson at