We’re Hiring!

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Do Work that Matters.

Did you know that there are more than 8,000 children in Washington’s out-of-home care on any given day? And that the average child spends more than 1 year in out-of-home care? As part of the CASA Clark County team, you’ll contribute to 1 of 15 Washington CASA programs that serves nearly 7,000 children in foster care annually. These children are half as likely to re-enter foster care if they have a volunteer advocate. That’s where you come in…

By choosing a role with CASA Clark County you’re making a life changing difference for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. We currently have three staff positions open that once filled, will enable us to better serve these youth by providing the mentorship and support to our volunteer team.


Outreach Specialist

Promote general awareness of the CASA program through outreach opportunities and execution of an effective recruitment plan. Find out more and submit your application here.

Administrative Assistant

Support the records management process, review and edit court reports and create legal documents to ensure program standards are met. Find out more and submit your application here.

CASA/GAL Supervisor

Supervise up to 30 volunteers who represent the best interest of children in foster care while providing advocacy for children without a volunteer to ensure each child in Clark County dependency has a voice. Find out more and submit your application here.


If this sounds like the purpose-driven work you’re looking for then we welcome you to learn more about each position and the benefits offered and submit your application!