Become a CASA

CASA volunteers make a lifelong difference in the life of a child who has experienced abuse or neglect. They are often the one consistent adult in the child’s life. Volunteers are asked to make a minimum two-year commitment to the program to meet the average length of a case and provide consistent advocacy for the child. Volunteers typically dedicate 8 to 12 hours per month, depending on the needs of the case.

When you join our team of trained and dedicated CASA volunteers, you will receive support and coaching from professional staff, develop an in-depth understanding of the dependency system, and network with other CASAs and community partners. If you are a student, your work may also qualify as an internship for your college or university

As an alternative to taking on the full responsibility of a CASA, volunteers may also choose to spend time in a supporting role where the time commitment would be less and the hours more flexible. CASAs in a supporting role would team up with another CASA or staff member to take on specific tasks of a case such as visiting the child.

Qualifications and Training

Although no prior experience is necessary, you must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, interact respectfully with people from various cultures, economic, and educational backgrounds, gather and accurately record factual information, maintain objectivity, adhere to confidentiality guidelines and follow established program procedures, and remain actively involved in your assigned case.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma or GED
  • May not have any active involvement with Child Protective Services or criminal history
  • Complete a written application, with references,
  • Successfully pass a criminal history and fingerprint check

The CASA Program provides 30 hours of program-specific training to prepare you for the role. The application, interview, and training are part of an ongoing mutual screening process to ensure the role is a good fit all around. After successful completion of the training, CASA volunteers are sworn in by the court as Guardians ad litem.

Next Steps  

There are 4 training cycles each year with various days & times to meet your schedule. Prior to completing your training you’ll need to attend a 1-hour Information Session. Information sessions are offered periodically and offer interested community members an overview of our National program, local program and the role our volunteers play in the lives of foster youth here in Clark County.

If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities with the CASA Program contact Cheryl White, our Volunteer Program Manager at